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Into The Woods | Official HD Disney trailer | January 1, 2015


The Disneyland Bandstand was originally going to be placed in town square, but was moved before opening day near Sleeping Beauty Castle. Walt found that it was interfering with the scale of the buildings on Main Street as well as obstructing the view of the castle. Later the bandstand was donated to the city of Anaheim and is currently in a nursery in Newport Beach.

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when you accidentally open your front camera


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Sailor Moon (1992) // Sailor Moon Crystal (2014)

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Iconic Film Costumes

Judy Garland as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, Costumes by Adrian

The Ruby Slippers were regular shoes covered with red satin and lined with cream colored kid leather. There are 2300 sequins per shoe. The leather bow has 46 rhinestones, 42 bugle beads, 3 costume jewels, and there was red felt applied to the soles of the shoes to muffle the sounds of footsteps. 

Her jumper was royal blue and white gingham. The top was tinted a light pink as white didn’t photograph properly underneath the bright technicolor lights. Beneath it, she wore a special corset de-emphasizing her bust and giving her a younger silhouette. 

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february 2013/july 2014

taken from opposite sides of the same bridge (oops)

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